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April 7, 2017
Seeking Districts for SETDA Curriculum Review

As a SETDA Affiliate, CUE often gets requests for participation in their efforts. Below is one such effort for you to consider:

Dear Curriculum and Instructional Materials Leaders,


SETDA (www.setda.org) is currently supporting the coordination of research interviews (by a third party) designed to give insight into how schools and districts are planning to adopt new science and social studies core curriculum given states’ more robust learning standards and conscious shift to digital resources. SETDA is in search of district or school leaders that may be interested in participating in a short phone interview (30 minutes) to provide their perspective on curriculum review for core content. If your school/district plans to review core curriculum in the next year, please take the time to influence curriculum development by completing this Google Form and participating in an interview. 




The purpose is to find out how states/districts are making approved core content and purchasing decisions, what decisions they are making, and why, for social studies and science core curricula, especially given the disruptions caused by more robust learning standards and increased use of technology tools and resources in schools. We hope to use this data to examine national trends.



If you are knowledgeable of the evaluation process and any resulting decisions (administrators preferred) AND science and/or social studies core curriculum should be in the review process this year (2017- 2018), or will be evaluating next year 2018 -2019 (or both), complete this Google form.



Please be assured that this contact information will only be used for the purpose of this research project and the information will not be shared.



Please add the name of the contact, email address, district name and size, along with telephone number to this Google form by March 30, 2017. Please contact Melissa Greene, Director of Strategic Partnership at 202-715-6636 ext. 703 or atmgreene@setda.org if you have any questions.



Thank you, 


Mike Lawrence


March 31, 2017
CUE Director of Academic Innovation, Jon Corippo, Honored as EdTech Leader

Walnut Creek, CA., March 31, 2017 -- CUE announced today that Jon Corippo, CUE’s Director of Academic Innovation, was named a Leadership Award Finalist for 2017 by EdTech Digest. Corippo was one of five finalists for the Advocate Award for Leadership.


The EdTech awards “recognize people in and around education for outstanding contributions in transforming education through technology to enrich the lives of learners everywhere,” according to the publication’s website. “Featuring ed tech’s best and brightest, the annual recognition program shines a spotlight on cool tools, inspiring leaders, and innovative trendsetters.”

Upon hearing the news, Mike Lawrence, CUE’s CEO commented, “CUE is thrilled that EdTech Digest recognizes the leadership Jon provides to the educational community, and we are glad to have him on the CUE team!”

New Headshot.jpg

Jon Corippo is the Director of Academic Innovation, responsible for CUE's professional learning throughout California and Nevada. Jon keynotes, leads and designs Professional Learning experiences all over the country. Jon's core PL skills are focused on 1:1 deployment, Common Core, Project Based Learning, social media skills and Lesson Design. Jon is the creator of the CUE Rock Star Camp Series, The CUE Rock Star Admin Camp Series and directs both the CUE Super Symposium and JET Review Program.

Jon is a Google Certified Innovator (#GTAWA 2011), has been a Lead Learner for a Google Teacher Academy (#GTAMTV2), and is also an Apple Distinguished Educator, who facilitated sessions in Final Cut Pro for the 2013 Apple Institute in Austin, TX. Jon was the co-designer of Minarets High School, which originated as a GAFE, 1:1 Macbook and PBL-based high school in 2008 and which was named an Apple Distinguished School three times. Jon has been named a CUE Gold Disk Recipient, Madera County Teacher of the Year, and CVCUE Teacher of the Year as well. Jon has served as an Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction and Director of Technology at the county level. Jon’s last district was selected as a Future Ready District, implementing 1:1 from 7th grade up, adding coding, 3d printing, PBL and Minecraft: Education Edition in all K-8 schools, among other notable innovative activities. He was also named one of the NSBA’s 20 to Watch in 2016.

# # #

About CUE

Ed Tech Professional Development is at the core of CUE's work. We are passionate believers in advancing student achievement through technology. By providing Ed Tech professional development to schools, districts, and local educators on the infusion of emerging technologies, we can help better prepare students for college and careers ahead. | www.cue.org


March 24, 2017
Remembering Seymour

Seymour Papert's CUE Conference Keynote Address (2000) from Gary Stager on Vimeo.

“We’re not Computer-Using Educators. Our goal is no longer to get computers out there. Everybody knows now that everybody needs computers. We won that battle twenty years ago, ten years ago, five years- wherever you want to take the cut off point. But it's won. What we are now about is changing mindsets about fundamental things. How do you think about learning? How do you think about kids? How do you think about school? How do you think about yourself and your relationship with your family and your kids?”

Seymour Papert, CUE National Conference, May, 2000 

What Seymour Meant to Us by cueinc on Scribd

Seymour Papert (Bob Kramer/SPA Magazine/Courtesy of the MIT Media Lab)

Seymour Papert’s CUE Conference Keynote Address (2000) from Gary Stager on Vimeo.

The quote above is from the transcript of that keynote. Thank you to Whitney Hoffman and Gary Stager for their efforts in preserving it.

March 14, 2017
CUE to Honor Education Heroes at 2017 National Conference

Palm Springs, California, Tuesday, March 14, 2017 – CUE will honor 13 outstanding Ed Tech professionals during its National Conference in Palm Springs, March 15-18, 2017. These individuals are being recognized for infusing curriculum with technology, for leading through innovation, and for continually finding creative ways to help students succeed. Detailed award descriptions and history can be found at: www.cue.org/awards.


Platinum Disks are CUE's highest award, awarded rarely and in recognition of career-long contributions.

scott-30.jpgScott Smith | Teacher, Golden West High School, Visalia School District

(historical photo)



Stacey Campo | Technology Integration Specialist for Career Technical, Adult and Alternative Education

Katie Warren | Teacher Specialist, Glendale Unified District Office

Adina Sullivan | Educational Technology Coordinator, San Marcos Unified School District

Joe Wood | Instructional Technology & Assessment Director, Natomas Charter School


Sophia Thomas | Mathematics Teacher, Leadership Public Schools, Richmond


Marielle Venturino | Teacher, Blended Learning Specialist, Mar Vista Academy


Kevin Honey | Principal, Sequoia Middle School


Kevin Silberberg | Superintendent, Panama-Buena Vista Union School District


Shauna Hawes | Teacher, Valley View Middle School


Jessica Rosenworcel | Former Member, U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC)


Barbara Nemko | Superintendent, Napa County Office of Education

John Ittelson | Professor Emeritus, California State University, Monterey Bay

Those winners marked with an ‘*’ above have been submitted for consideration to the International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE) for similar awards. ISTE will announce its winners at its annual conference in San Antonio, TX, June 25 - 28, 2017. ISTE will also honor both of CUE’s Making IT Happen recipients at the event.

CUE thanks these educational heroes and their nominators for inspiring us with their innovations, their creativity and their integration of technology into curriculum and the educational process.

# # #

About CUE

Ed Tech Professional Development is at the core of CUE's work. We are passionate believers in advancing student achievement through technology. By providing Ed Tech professional development to schools, districts, and educators on the infusion of emerging technologies, we can help better prepare students for college and careers ahead. | www.cue.org

March 14, 2017
CUE Teams with CDW-G to Offer Professional Learning

Palm Springs, Calif., Wednesday, March 15, 2017 -- Select CUE Professional Learning offerings are now available through a new partnership with CDW-G, providing a synergistic approach for when educators or districts move to 1:1 instructional models. CDW-G is a leading provider of technology solutions to education, government and healthcare.


Now available from CDW-G are two distinct professional development offerings:

  • CUE Launch is a hands-on, gamified and modern approach to professional development (PD). CUE Launch is built to help prepare key educators to pass the Google Educator Level 1 Exam. Working in cohorts of 25, educators will have two days of training that focus on the very best ways to use Google’s Education Suite and on changing the way they teach. All CUE Launch events are led by Google for Education Certified Trainers who are also full-time educators. A Microsoft-specific version of CUE Launch is currently under development.


  • CUE Rock Star Black Label Camp is beneficial for training hundreds of educators in a single district for maximum impact. Participants may include teachers, librarians, administrators, and district staff or mixed groups. Customizable by grade level, core subject or mindset (PBL, STEAM, Makerspace), the Black Label allows for greater use of PD dollars by bringing the Rock Star camps to the school or district. CUE Rock Star Black Label events are focused on developing skills for teachers in a high-energy, hands-on environment that gives them tech-infused working models to implement immediately.


David Hutchins, CDW-G’s vice president of education, commented on the partnership. “We work with our K-12 customers to identify the best technology solutions to meet their needs, ensuring schools and districts have resources that will make a difference in the classroom. We are excited to announce our professional learning partnership with CUE. Together we will help educators get the professional development they need to best serve their students by finding unique and engaging ways to use technology in the classroom.”


For more information regarding CUE’s professional learning solutions, visit www.cue.org/cdwg.



March 10, 2017
CUE Stands with Students by Vigorously Opposing HR 610

Walnut Creek, CA - March 9, 2017 |  Also known as the “Choices in Education” Act, HR 610 reflects Secretary DeVos’s agenda, ignoring evidence as to what actually works in public education while promoting privatization of education. HR 610 limits federal education spending only to states who agree to comply with private school voucher programs. Studies have shown that voucher programs do not improve education opportunities for the vast majority of America’s students. 


This bill repeals the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 1965 and limits the authority of the Department of Education (ED) such that ED is authorized only to award block grants to qualified states. The bill establishes an education voucher program, through which each state shall distribute block grant funds among local educational agencies (LEAs) based on the number of eligible children within each LEA's geographical area. From these amounts, each LEA shall: (1) distribute a portion of funds to parents who elect to enroll their child in a private school or to home-school their child, and (2) do so in a manner that ensures that such payments will be used for appropriate educational expenses.


Repealing ESEA eliminates the following programs:

  • Title I—Financial Assistance to Local Educational Agencies For The Education Of Children Of Low-Income Families
  • Title II—School Library Resources, Textbooks, and other Instructional Materials including digital resources
  • Title III—Supplementary Educational Centers and Services
  • Title IV—Educational Research and Training
  • Title V—Grants To Strengthen State Departments Of Education
  • Title VI—Other General Provisions


How is this relevant to Educational Technology?

Applications of the Title I component of ESEA money have been diverse. Recent uses include wide-scale purchasing mobile Internet-enabled devices as electronic textbooks for students in 1:1 initiatives. Along with this, students from low-income families often do not have adequate Internet access from home. Title I funds are used to provide Internet access for students to receive remediation or other instructional content from home. The purpose of 24/7 internet access from home is to close the gap between higher income families where remediation resources are generally more available through parents and additional services and low-income students where such resources are scarce. Educational Technology advocates have long cited 24/7 Internet access as a boon to the education and advancement of at-risk children.


CUE is calling upon its members and those within the broader Educational Technology community to join us in opposition to this bill and stand in support of all students in the United States of America. 

Legislative Advocacy

March 3, 2017
The Best in Ed Tech & Innovation Featured at CUE 2017

- Collaboration, Best Practices Highlighted in Palm Springs at National Conference  - 


Walnut Creek, CA – March 6, 2017 – Innovation takes center stage as the CUE 2017 National Conference comes to the Palm Springs Convention Center from March 15 – 18, and over 7,000 teachers and administrators will be there to experience first-hand what they affectionately refer to as the professional learning event of the year.


“The CUE National Conference has become a cornerstone in the professional learning cycle of many of our attendees,” said Mike Lawrence, CEO of CUE. “We’re thrilled to continue the tradition this year by lining up inspiring keynotes, relevant content and exhibiting companies, and organizations that showcase the advances in education technology happening right now, with students and teachers across the nation."

This year’s lineup of dynamic Keynote Presenters includes: Taylor Mali, poet, former teacher and author of What Teachers Make; Dr. Jo Boaler, Mathematics Education professor at Stanford University and co-founder of youcubed; George Couros, educator in the area of innovative leadership, teaching, and learning and author of The Innovator’s Mindset; and Cathy Hunt, an advocate for the creative integration of technology in education probably best known for her work on iPadArtRoom. Keynote presentations will be live streamed at www.cue.org/live. The Welcome Keynote from Taylor Mali on Wednesday, March 15th at 6:00pm is free and open to the public.

Even among the 300+ educator-led sessions and special events happening within the Conference Program, there are crowd pleasers that have become instant classics, such as LeRoy’s Big Idea Contest. The contest returns this year for its second running.  Presenting before a panel of edu-rock stars at the CUE National Conference, each of the six finalists will present an even bigger version of their “Big Idea” that first nabbed them a spot in the finale.  By a combined vote of the edu-rock star panel and the audience, one educator will be named the next "LeRoy Finkel Fellow” and receive a $2,500 fellowship to help bring their big idea to and the event is free and open to the public.

In the spirit of learn by doing, learn by building, the CUE STEAMpunk Playground comes to the CUE National Conference and brings together top STEAM teachers who will lead on-going, hands-on sessions featuring tools like: robots and flying drones, Minecraft, 3d printing coding and programming, as well as giving away "quick start" lesson plans that work at grade levels from Kindergarten through college.

The CUE Student-Powered Showcase brings the spotlight to students and is one of the most anticipated events at the National Conference. The student technology-integrated curriculum projects – and the students that power them – present their projects live on Saturday morning and the event is free and open to the public. The full listing of the 2017 CUE National Conference schedule can be found in the CUE Online Program.



Beth Cherry

Press Relations



Mike Lawrence

                                                                                             CEO, CUE



March 2, 2017
CUE Rock Star Camps Offer a Hero’s Journey

Walnut Creek, Calif., Thursday, March 2, 2017 -- CUE invites all educators on an epic quest this summer. For the past eight years, CUE Rock Star Teacher Camps have changed the way thousands of teachers engage their students. Now, CUE is offering educators a chance to go on a journey -- a Hero’s Journey -- to learn a new way to motivate and inspire their students. The Hero’s Journey Rock Star Camps are being offered at the following times and locations: Hero's Journey

  • Chico, CA - June 14-15, 2017

  • Vista, CA - June 19-20, 2017

  • Oxnard, CA - July 11-12, 2017

  • Tahoe-Truckee, CA - July 24-25, 2017

  • Los Alamitos, CA - August 2-3, 2017

Changes to the CUE Rock Star Camps for 2017:

More Affordable! $199 includes 1 year CUE Membership

New STREAMLINED Purchase Order Acceptance Process
More info: www.cue.org/howtoregister

New Format! 3 x 90 min hands-on sessions daily

New Format! Sessions are based on the Hero's Journey

Register by May 1! Get a CUE Rock Star Tour T-shirt

All 2017 Rock Star Camps will be based on the Hero's Journey model of lesson design.

This design model is a collaboration of the constructivist-centric 5E's Lesson Design model and Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey concept -- focusing on learning as an ADVENTURE. Deep in 4Cs and SAMR potential, the Hero's Journey model is at once simple and sophisticated as well as technical and visceral, which will inspire both educators and their students.

Teach Math? There’s a Camp for that. Teach History? There’s a Camp for that. Check out cue.org/ROCKSTAR for information on the many Rock Star Camps that are available.

# # #

February 20, 2017
CUE 2017 Board Candidates Announced!

The CUE Board of Directors is pleased to announce the 2017 candidates. The six candidates below have each agreed to serve a three-year term to begin this July. Current CUE Members may vote for up to three between midnight on March 18 through 5:00 p.m. PST on April 20, 2017. Each Candidate will be interviewed live on air Thursday and Friday, March 2-3. Times are listed next to their name below. We'll also be conducting Board Candidate twitter chats in March and April - stay tuned to #cuechat

More information at cue.org/election.

The candidates for the 2017 election are as follows:


Jason Borgen

Jason Borgen

Director of Learning & Innovation
Portola Valley School District
Portola Valley, CA


Watch video March 2, 12-12:30pm PST



Myra Deister


Myra Deister

Affiliate Nominated (OCCUE)
Fullerton Joint Union High School District
Fullerton, CA


Watch video March 3, 3-3:30pm PST


Debb Oliver


Debb Oliver

Member Nominated
Reno, NV


Watch video March 2, 1-1:30pm PST


Bob Pletka


Bob Pletka

Learning Network Nominated (Administrator)
Fullerton School District
Carlsbad, CA


Watch video March 3, 11-11:30am PST


Adina Sullivan


Adina Sullivan

Affiliate Nominated (SDCUE)
Educational Technology Coordinator
San Marcos Unified School District
San Marcos, CA


Watch video March 3, 2-2:30pm PST


February 1, 2017
CUE Announces 2017 National Conference Spotlight Speakers: Including New Addition Karen Janowski, to be Featured Within CUE's Diverse Learners Symposium Event

CUE is excited to announce the Spotlight Speakers for its national conference to be held March 15-18, 2017 in Palm Springs. All conference speaker sessions, detailed descriptions and times as well as in-depth bios on presenters, will be listed in the Conference Online Program, available mid-January on the CUE website. Registration is currently open, and as the event has sold out for the last two years, do not delay.

Darryl AdamsDr  Darryl Adams CVUSD Supt crop 3 (1).jpg

Dr. Darryl Adams, the world’s rock and roll superintendent, has spent almost 30 years as an educator and administrator with the goal of preparing students for college, career and citizenship. As former Superintendent for the Coachella Valley Unified School District, Dr. Adams led significant reform efforts, including “Measure X,” a 21st Century Mobile Learning initiative that placed an iPad in the hands of all 20,000 CVUSD students from preschool through high school. Dr. Adams has been named by the White House and the U.S. Department of Education as one of the Top 100 Superintendents in the Nation. President Obama praised Dr. Adams for his innovative work in ensuring that all students in his district have digital tools and broadband internet access. The President went on to laud Dr. Adams’ innovative and creative Wifi-on-Wheels program that provides Wifi to neighborhoods and trailer home parks with no connectivity through the use of Wifi routers on school buses that are then parked in these spaces.

Darryl’s Sessions:

  • Personalized Learning 4 All: Helping Them Find Their Passion in Life So They Never Have to Work A Day in Their Life!

  • Leave No Child Offline: Why Equity and Access to Digital Tools, Resources and the Internet are of importance to the Future of our Nation

  • What Does a 21st Century Administrator Look Like?


Nicole Dalesiobanana.JPG

Nicole is a ToSA and staff developer in Silicon Valley who has been teaching in K-12 for nearly 20 years. Passionate about creativity and technology integration, she has won many awards for her innovative teaching, photography, videos, and tutorials. Nicole has also been recognized as an Adobe Education Leader, an Apple Distinguished Educator, and a Google Certified Teacher.

Nicole’s Sessions:

  • ToSA Connection

  • An Innovative Approach to Homework

  • Digital Storytelling and Creativity on the Go


Hall DavidsonHall-headshot.jpg

Hall Davidson supports global partnerships, teacher networks, and learning initiatives with technology in education. A renowned speaker in educational technology, he presents to audiences around the world.  These high-energy, impactful keynotes have built an impressive following as he tweets, blogs, writes articles and conducts webinars for leaders, educational publications, national associations, and teachers worldwide.


Davidson was an early adopting champion of educational technology, having co-authored TechWorks and co-founded one of the first OER’s. Thirty years ago he helped launch a curriculum-based media festival in his district and subsequently assumed the director's mantle of the California Student Media Festival, the nation’s oldest student media festival, where he still serves as judge and emcee. A member of the National Council of Teachers for Mathematics, he currently serves on the board for the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), having previously served on the CUE board. After almost 30 years in STRS, he left to build the teacher community for Discovery Education. The DEN has now reached more than 2.6 million teachers worldwide through 70,000 teacher-led events. Click here for full bio

Hall’s Sessions:

  • Building a Media Festival: District, Building or Classroom. Whys and Wows

  • Leroy's Big Idea: Innovative Lesson Design Competition

  • Video Editing Workshop with Brad Montague and Hall Davidson (additional registration required)


Leslie FisherFisher Picture lo_res.jpg

After graduating from USC with a Business and Marketing degree in 1989 and after a quick stint as a Trainer, Fisher joined Apple Computer in 1992. When the Internet took off in 1994, Fisher was one of the first Apple employees assigned to study Internet growth and implementation. Fisher Technologies, Inc. is now an international company specializing in presenting emerging and exciting technology solutions to educators all over the world. Click here for full bio

Leslie’s Sessions:

  • Tools You Can Use Tomorrow

  • The Web 2.0 You Might Not Know About


bmontague3.jpgKaren Janowski

Karen Janowski is an Assistive & Educational Technology Consultant, and Adjunct Professor at Simmons College in Boston, MA. She presents both locally and nationally about the importance of using ubiquitous technologies which remove the obstacles to learning for all students and is a passionate advocate of Universal Design for Learning. Janowski is an EdCampBoston and EdCampAccess organizer.


Karen will be featured within CUE's Diverse Learners Symposium (DLS) event.


Karen’s Sessions

  • Innovative Technologies for Learners with Reading Differences

  • Innovative Technologies for Learning with Writing Challenges

  • Disorganized and Unprepared: Technology Tools to Support Executive Functions


bmontague3.jpgBrad Montague

Brad Montague is an award-winning writer and director working to creatively communicate hope to children of all ages. He is creator of Kid President, which began its life online and has grown into a New York Times bestselling book, television series, and movement for good among families, children, and classrooms around the world. He is also the force behind both “Socktober” -- an annual social campaign designed to help connect communities to their local homeless shelters and GO! Camp -- a week-long experience for teenagers who want to change the world. He and his wife, Kristi, own and operate Montague Workshop, a creative space dedicated to developing projects that inspire and encourage.


Over the years, Brad has helped several non-profits tell their stories and better connect with people. With a special emphasis on finding ways kids and grown-ups can work together, creating real change in the world has been at the heart of every project. From campaigns and collaborations with organizations like Feeding America and the UN Foundation, to projects with youth ministries and local changemakers building a house for homeless families in Little Rock, AR --  it’s all a joyful rebellion.


Brad’s Sessions

  • Video Editing Workshop with Brad Montague and Hall Davidson (additional registration required)



Tom MurrayMurray.jpg

Tom Murray serves as the state and district digital learning director for the Alliance for Excellent Education located in Washington, DC. He has testified before the United States Congress and works alongside that body as well as the US Senate, the US Department of Education, state departments of education, corporations, and school districts throughout the country to implement digital learning while helping to lead Future Ready, Project 24, and Digital Learning Day. Click here for full bio

Tom’s Sessions

  • What Does an Innovator in a School or District Look Like?

  • Creating Tomorrow’s Schools, Today: 8 Keys to Unlocking the Schools Kids Need


Mark Ray


Mark Ray is Director of Innovation and Library Services for Vancouver (WA) Public Schools and Future Ready Librarians Lead at the Alliance for Excellent Education. Named 2012 Washington State Teacher of the Year and an NSBA "20 to Watch" in 2015, he has visioned, led and promoted 1:1 programs, professional development, digital learning and innovative library programs. Mark will be part of the Information Literacy Summit taking place on Friday, March 17.

Mark’s Sessions

  • So What’s Your Curation Strategy?

  • Compliance to Self-Reliance: Rebooting Digital Citizenship

  • Future Ready > “Digital” [Alt: Future Ready Is Greater Than "Digital"]


Toni RobinsonToni Robinson.jpg

Toni Robinson combines her experiences as an educator and a performing artist, inspiring audiences to make bold, balanced and meaningful changes in their professional practice. Toni was the co-host for Sunburst Visual Media’s critically acclaimed Excellence in Teaching series and worked as the host of the Professional Development Channel at Educational Management Group. Through her work as an educational consultant, she has created and conducted training programs in a wide-range of corporate, academic and nonprofit settings. Toni holds a BA in Spanish and an MA in Education from SUNY Albany and has completed extensive postgraduate work in Educational Technology at Arizona State University. In addition to her work in the United States, Toni has conducted workshops and training in Spain, South Africa, and Japan.

Toni’s Sessions:

  • Fostering Cycles of Access, Achievement and Advancement in the Digital Age

  • P3:  Unlocking Student Potential in the Classroom

  • Thinking and Learning in the Digital Era


# # #

About CUE

Ed Tech Professional Development is at the core of CUE's work. We are passionate believers in advancing student achievement through technology. By providing Ed Tech professional development to schools, districts, and local educators on the infusion of emerging technologies, we can help better prepare students for college and careers ahead. | www.cue.org

About the CUE National Conference

The CUE National Conference is the largest education technology conference in California and among the largest in the United States with more than 6,000 teachers and administrators attending annually. To register or for more information, visit www.cue.org/national  | #cue17