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2016 CUE Board of Directors Election - Diane Main

Diane MainDiane Main

Affiliate Nominated: Silicon Valley CUE (SVCUE)
Director of Learning, Innovation and Design
The Harker School
Campbell, CA



My goal as an educator is to be innovative: find new AND better ways of helping learners.  I wasn’t always so eager to transform learning.  I evolved over twenty-plus years.  One catalyst in my metamorphosis has been CUE.  CUE is an organization, but more importantly, it is people.  It is relationships, support, and ideas, and it is certainly innovation.  We rarely have CUE Board members who are still in the classroom.  While only part of my job, my time spent working directly with students is the most important aspect of my work.  How can I serve teachers if I am not both a teacher and a learner myself?  How can I serve students without building relationships with them?  I am a unique candidate because I am still in the classroom, experiencing the day-to-day concerns of classroom educators.  I encounter daily what a majority of our members face in their professional lives.  I believe I am well suited to help CUE in its mission.  I collaborate with a global network of educators.  I think it’s very important to have a diverse Board of Directors.  As a female candidate, I am able to represent a majority of our constituents.  I also will pursue possible candidates, seeking to identify and encourage potential board members who will help us better represent our diverse membership.  I have served CUE in many capacities since joining the organization, and I would consider it a privilege to serve all of CUE’s members on its Board of Directors.

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