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2017 CUE Board of Directors Election - Jason Borgen

Jason BorgenJason Borgen

Director of Learning & Innovation
Portola Valley School District
Portola Valley, CA



Teaching, Learning, Leadership, and Engagement. These words are equally important for student success as we embrace new pedagogical tools, curriculum, and ubiquity of devices in our schools. In a day and age in which students not just learn content, but can live it, we must provide a network of educators that innovate. I would like to continue to help shape this network and develop a vision for the future focusing on students as learners.  


At the cusp of the millennial generation, I am a native to multimedia’s effect on learning. As a former middle school science and AVID teacher on both ends of the spectrum--in East San Jose where over 60% of students were ELLs and on Free/Reduce lunch and in Saratoga where many students were children of Silicon Valley executives, it's not about environment--it's about powerful instruction with technology. What I found, regardless of the students' cultures and environments, if you engage them in Creativity, Innovation, and Relevancy they will learn! Let us CIR for students. 

In a different role today, the essence of my work is still teaching and learning--from a district and global perspective. Currently working for a small (630 students) district as a Director of Learning & Innovation I am responsible for decision-making from Curriculum adoptions and assessments to transformative classroom practices and infrastructure--I am honored to be working with students and staff day-in and day-out focusing on future-readiness. Previous to this position I supported educational leaders globally through a statewide project called Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership (TICAL) and the Santa Cruz County Office of Education and was founding chair of Leading Edge Certification for Administrators.. As a CUE Board member I will continue to emphasize the needed ongoing and job-embedded support for a new pedagogy—student engagement through relevant project creation and CIR for students. This involves gaining buy-in through advocacy, curating content, professional development, partnerships, and showcasing student success. I have a genuine passion for education, technology, and making our world a better place.