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Present at the CUE 2016 National Conference

Present at the CUE 2016 National Conference
Concurrent sessions, poster sessions deadline September 25
CUE Tip deadline December 2
Speakers that already submitted a presentation will be notified the first week of December

If your presentation is selected, the main presenter will receive complimentary conference registration.
(Excluding CUE Tips)

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We look forward to seeing you at the CUE 
Conference, March 17-19, in Palm Springs, CA.  For information please contact the CUE office at cueinc(at)cue.org or 925.478.3460

Types of Sessions

There are several types of speaker sessions all 3 days at a CUE conference.  This section describes each category and the review process for each.

Concurrent Sessions 

Concurrent sessions are one-hour, lecture-style presentations that address all areas of the curriculum and appeal to a variety of teachers. Sessions may be given by a single speaker, team or panel who can address the needs of the novice user of educational technology as well as the more experienced professional.

Poster Sessions 

A Poster Session advertises your research. CUE will simultaneously offer various two-hour poster sessions during each of the poster session timeslots Thursday and Friday of the conference. All poster stations will be co-located in the lobby of the Palm Springs Convention Center, and will include access to power, Internet connectivity. They will also include a counter-height presentation table and a free-standing bulletin board. Presenters are asked to provide a sign with their name and presentation title- any size and format is acceptable.

These quick, 20-minute presentations focus on emerging and existing innovations to enhance learning, productivity, or understanding. They should be noncommercial, brief, and focus on one or two tips, techniques, or resources. NOTE: CUE Tips presenters do not automatically receive complimentary conference registration.  Present 3 or more CUE Tips to recieve complimentary registration.

Corporate Room Sessions 
Looking to showcase your product or service with a one-hour pop up session at the Annual CUE Conference in Palm Springs? CUE is offering spaces for interested vendors to purchase rooms for meetings or sessions. The room would allow your corporation to present your product in the best possible light. A projector, screen and a single wired Internet drop is included. Your sessions will be also included in the conference program/addendum and listed as commercial sessions (must be submitted by published deadlines). Sponsorship fee: $2,500/day (only $2,000 on Thursday).

Concurrent Session Panels
Panel proposals are submitted and accepted in the same manner as concurrent session proposals. A group of four or more speakers is considered a panel. When available, more than one session may be allotted to a panel. Only 1 Panel member will be compensated registration (not membership).

Half day Academies

Suggestions for all half day workshops are taken from teh Conference Committee. Half day acedmies are three-hour presentations for 25-30 participants in Bring Your Own Laptop (BYOL) lab. Each registrant will have their own computer. Topics on specific software applications should also be curriculum related. Please specify all equipment and software applications required for the workshop. We are also interested in half day workshops for hand-held computers and digital cameras. Commercial or vendor-led workshops are not offered at CUE. Instead, we'd suggest that interested vendors sign up for a corporate room and plan your own sessions (see below for information).


All Day Workshops
Suggestions for all day workshops are taken from the Conference Committee.  All day workshops are four-hour, lecture-style presentations. These all day workshops are designed to address a specific set of objectives and are presented by experts who are experienced with the use of technology in education. All day workshops may target a certain audience (i.e. administrators, etc.) or may be a topic of general interest to all members.

Spotlight Speakers
Suggestions for Spotlight and Keynote Speakers are taken from the Conference Committee, the Board of Directors, and others. The CPC establishes a priority list. Spotlight speakers must give three presentations. Spotlight speakers are sought from both inside and outside California and bring a national perspective to CUE. Speaker fees and other expenses are covered up to a budgeted amount.

Other Speaker Information

          Current Topics of Interest to CUE Members
For every conference the Conference Chair and Speaker Coordinator review the strands for session proposals. Changes are made in the strands to meet current trends and needs of conference attendees. The Conference Committee and CUE Board note areas in which there seems to be a need for information at conferences and ask that good presenters be found if possible. This dynamic exchange of needs and ideas helps to keep conferences fresh and timely. CUE is currently looking for sessions on diversity, standards and assessment, No Child Left Behind and technology grants such the Enhancing Education Through Technology. Further, we are seeking sessions delving into emerging technologies such as gaming in education, personal learning device and assistive technology.

          CUE Member Preference
CUE Conferences are member-to-member events. Members will be given preference as speakers. 

          Tips for Selected Speakers
Once you are ready with your presentation, plan to visit your room before you present and to practice on any equipment you will be using. Presenters only have thirty minutes prior to the presentation to load software on the room computer; prepare in advance. Attend an equipment counseling session for questions. There is a time scheduled at each conference just for speakers to meet with the equipment technicians and work out any potential problems. CUE also maintains a Speaker Ready room which will help you with any last-minute needs. They will also store any handouts or materials prior to your session. Make enough handouts for your session. The capacity of your room is stated in the acceptance letter. Post your handouts by emailing your URL to the CUE office at cueinc(AT)cue.org.  Be sure to have fun with the presentation. All of us who volunteer for CUE greatly enjoy your participation.