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Shannon Brown

Shannon BrownShannon Brown

Affiliate Nominated - North Bay CUE


Napa Valley USD

Napa, CA


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Shannon Brown is a middle school teacher at Redwood Middle School in Napa, where she has been teaching since 2011.  Shannon teaches the ELD program, English support classes, oversees Read 180 and took over the Leadership class. Prior to coming to Redwood, Shannon worked for the non-profit organization, On The Move.  She was the Director for their middle school leadership academy program, Leading Into Future Education, where 45 6th, 7th & 8th grade students engaged in civic projects.  Shannon was selected to participate in the NapaLearns Fellow program and attended Touro University where she obtained her Masters in Educational Technology in July 2012.



By serving on the CUE Board of Directors, I hope to grow my own learning as a middle school classroom teacher.  On a daily basis, I am cognizant of the importance of providing opportunities for all of my students, especially those who may not have equal access at home.  Bill Gates is quoted as saying, “Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.”  And while I obviously believe this, I think it becomes inherently important that we as educators become masters of the tools that our children are striving to become masters of as well.  Not only is it imperative for their 21st Century education, but I believe that it actually motivates and engages many learners that might not have been as engaged in more “traditional” classrooms.  It allows teachers to reach kids in ways that weren’t thought possible before and provides differentiation for teaching curriculum for a number of special student populations.  I hope by actively participating on the Board and networking with other tech-savvy educators, it will help to further enrich the educational experience I am providing for my students.  I am anxious to build community at my own school site as we continue into our 2nd year of a PBL roll-out and becoming a NewTech school, and feel certain that my participation on the Board will help me be more successful and learn additional strategies for our endeavors.