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Roger Wagner

Roger WagnerRoger Wagner


Independent Consultant and Software Designer


San Diego, CA


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 Roger Wagner has been active in CUE since the 1980s, and has received CUE's Gold Disk (2010) and the Technology in Learning Leadership award (1997). Roger was a high school science teacher who became one of the first people to program the early personal computers, and wrote books and magazine articles during the early days of personal computing. He has presented and keynoted at local, state, national and international conferences on the use of technology in education, and coined the phrases "copyright friendly" and "multimedia writing". Roger is also a private pilot with interests in music, mathematics, linguistics, science, photography and architecture. As a member of the CUE Board of Directors, Roger believes that technology can be an an enabling and amplifying factor in students' work and creativity, and that the CUE organization has an important leadership role in the use of technology in the education profession. 



Technology is an amplifier of a student's present learning performance, and of their future potential. However, it's not enough to just "use" technology incidental to a task (and certainly not as a diversion from it), but rather to become skillful in achieving more than what would have otherwise been possible.  


Technology in the classroom has the ability to enhance the education process, and teachers, schools and districts can benefit from concentrating part of their resources into a common organization in the form of CUE to better pursue and achieve their objectives.


I believe that the CUE organization and the Board itself is directly derived from, and representative of, the efforts of the Affiliates that are the local presence of those teachers and districts. As such, I will work to strengthen the relationships with, and support of, those Affiliates, who are the life-blood of CUE.


These views are derived from my time on the CUE Board of Directors as well as a classroom teacher (math & science), and being a participant in the technology revolution of the past few decades.


What I hope to continue to bring to the CUE organization also includes work in large organizations along with experience with startups, the maker movement, learning-to-program, student creativity and expressive literacy.  
I look forward to continuing to serve and to work hard to represent the interests of the Affiliates as CUE leads the way in the effective and meaningful use of technology in education.