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CUE Hootenanny


For CUE Lead Learners
A thank you from CUE
for being So dedicated
Room for up to 120 current* Lead Learners
(*have worked for CUE in the last 18 months)
July 10, 2017 — 10AM to 6PM
The California State Railroad Museum, Sacramento, CA
What kinds of things will happen at the Hootenanny?
  • Inspiring keynotes - from awesome Lead Learners
  • Unstructured sessions you can sign up to host for “unconference time”
  • A select group of Lead Learners will be running the sessions you want to attend!
  • A great lunch - with awesome food and time to chat - followed by SLIDES KARAOKE. Prepare to be UNPREPARED.
    • The Slides Karaoke Champions will be getting GOLDEN CLICKERS.
  • Time to hangout with CUE Staff Members
  • You can present, schedule an activity (photowalk, panel or whatever) just go and enjoy yourself and watch the show!


SCHED - Coming Soon


Questions? Contact the CUE Professional Learning Staff for more information.
Jon Corippo - Chief Innovation Officer - jcorippo@cue.org
Danielle Forst - Director of Professional Learning - dforst@cue.org


Special Thanks to PORTS for their collaboration on this event.