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Innovative Educator Certificate

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Fresno Pacific University's Center for Professional Development has partnered with Computer-Using Educators (CUE), providers of CUE Professional Learning workshops, to provide the opportunity for participants to receive an Innovative Educator's certificate upon successful completion of 18 units of online instruction in the following topics


  1. Innovative Pedagogies
  2. Google & YouTube
  3. Mobile Technologies
  4. Leading Edge Certification for Online and Blended Teacher (includes certificate)
  5. Culminating Innovative Project
  6. 3 FPU CPD online courses from the approved electives list


Now articulates with FPU Online Master’s of Education, Curriculum and Instruction Degree!!!*

Participants engage in an interactive online cohort through a 6 month period.  In addition to online coursework and cohort interaction, cohort members will participate in 9 online CUE professional learning workshops led by highly qualified CUE Lead Learners.
The Innovative Educator Certificate offers an accelerated path to a Masters Degree, evidence of proficiency, enhances a resume, and includes a letter of certification addressed to the principal or superintendent of the participant's school district.



$3500 for 18 units, which also articulate into the FPU Curriculum and Instruction Online Master's Degree Program.


For more information, feel free to contact Jon Corippo - jcorippo@cue.org. 



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Typical Classes:

Introduction to Innovative Educators Certificate CITEC 900 (0 units)
Teaching and Learning Online engages educators in an introduction and overview of online teaching and learning. This course is designed for the instructor who wants to incorporate elements of the online environment into their teaching practices or those who want to teach fully online.
Innovative Pedagogies CITEC 901 (3 units)
This course will focus on a range of cutting-edge technology tools to advance student achievement across the curriculum.  The curriculum will utilize various technologies while keeping the focus squarely on teaching and learning. These revolutionary tools transform pedagogy, but they are often used ineffectively to automate instruction rather than enhance it. This course will examine these disruptive technologies and share best use strategies for their use..
Google & YouTube CITEC 902 (1 unit)
Brought to you by the producers of the Google Teacher Academy and the YouTube Star Teacher program, this course will provide in-depth instruction on Google tools from search basics to Docs, maps, Earth, Apps in Education and even more. Led by Google Certified Teachers, this course will give participants the skills, tools and resources necessary to successfully infuse their curriculum with these forward-looking applications. Participants will also be invited to join a growing community of Google-using educators through the Google Workshop for Educators Network (GWEN).
Leading Edge Certification for Online and Blended Teacher CITEC 903 (3 units)LEC
The goal of Leading Edge Certification is to help each participant become a more effective online instructor, and to provide a learning context that interests, excites, and challenges participants to explore effective teaching practices.
Online education can provide the opportunity for students and professional learners to communicate and demonstrate mastery in ways that would be challenging in the traditional setting. Aligning effective pedagogy with engaging curriculum and a variety of online learning tools offers an empowering alternative for tomorrow's leaders. Preparing teachers for that opportunity is the sincere goal of the Leading Edge Certification course.
LEC participants will integrate contemporary technology into teaching practices and learning activities using software, cloudware, and resources that serve curriculum objectives and educational goals. This class includes both theoretical and experiential components; participants will explore research and examples of effective practices in online instruction, but will also spend a substantial portion of course time developing educationally meaningful and personally relevant products to support their online course and their LEC portfolio.
Mobile Technologies CITEC 904 (1 unit)
The iPad and Android tablets change the way teachers and students access the web, share media, and learn on the go.  This course will cover the iPad or Android tablet, how to add content, and how to find the best educational Apps available - including Apps for creating content and media on the tablet.  iPad users will learn how to make the most of iTunes U.  An overview of mobile learning in the classroom, cutting-edge 1:1 programs, volume licensing for education and a primer on using the mobile version of Google Docs (and Forms). Fun hands-on activities and opportunities to explore new Apps make this session a highlight of the conference.
Innovative Educators Project CITEC 905 (1 unit)
This course serves as the culminating experience to the Innovative Educators Advanced Studies Certificate.  Throughout the program, participants have been engaging with tools and resources as they developed their own personal branding through a public-facing professional project. This course ties all courses together through a capstone portfolio project demonstrating expertise in innovative education, that those who complete the certificate will carry on well beyond their time in the program.
ELECTIVES (Choose 3):


  • Project Based Learning using Information Technology - TEC-966 (3 units)
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making - TEC-973 (3 units)
  • Web 2.0 Tools for the Classroom - TEC-950 (3 units)
  • Teach with Moodle - TEC-965 (3 units)
  • Online Teaching - Collaboration & Assessment - TEC-969 (3 units)
  • Differentiating Instruction with Technology - EDUC-914 (3 units)
  • Cloud Computing in the Classroom - TEC 977 (3 units)
  • Twitter for Educators (3 units)
  • The Flipped Classroom (3 units)