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LeRoy Finkel Fellowship Program

The 2014 Fellowship Application is now closed
2015 Deadline: December 11, 2014
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The purpose of the Fellowship is to promote leadership in the field of educational technology. CUE "Fellows" will strengthen professional skills, develop a technology-based curriculum project, and share their ideas and strategies through OnCUE and Conferences.


Every new endeavor needs a leader. In 1978, LeRoy Finkel was just such a leader as he joined a group of dedicated educators to create Computer-Using Educators, now a vibrant organization with a national reputation for its knowledgeable members, excellent conferences, and leadership in the use of technology in the classroom.


The success of CUE is directly related to LeRoy's leadership efforts. This fellowship honors those efforts and the inspirational spirit of the man.


Above all, LeRoy was an educator who recognized what many did not - that technology would become a major factor in the educational process. From CUE's very beginning, he showed the way, cajoling, nudging, encouraging, criticizing, as teachers struggled to integrate computers into their classrooms, and their lives. But through it all, he maintained an informed perspective and appreciation of the long view that he always eagerly and generously shared as coach and mentor with all of us.


He wrote books and articles, praised good products, sniped at bad ones, and scrutinized every aspect of educational computing for the benefit of all. He was unafraid to be "feisty, irascible, and opinionated."


His death silenced a voice that constantly reminded us to stay focused on the kids and the classroom, on teaching and learning, and never be satisfied with anything but meeting the highest standards of excellence, his standards.

Fellowship Award

  • $5,000 award
  • Introduction at CUE Conferences and, in an appropriate manner, to the recipient's school district.
  • Complimentary registration at California CUE Conference for the current year.
  • Reimbursement for travel to CUE Conference.
  • Registration and travel expenses to the ISTE (formerly called "NECC") conference for the current year.
  • Guidance for one year of a professional mentor, recommended by the CUE Board.


Past Fellows:

  • 1995: Marie Roberts, D.J. Perry, Connie Hendrix
  • 1996: Georgeann Hardy
  • 1997: Ana M. Garcia, Christina Wilder
  • 2001: Barry Sovel
  • 2002: Gayle Britt
  • 2006: Barbara Busalacchi
  • 2008: Jerome Burg
  • 2013: Kate Petty


Who Should Apply?
Applicant must be a CUE member that is a currently practicing classroom teacher, technology coordinator, media librarian, school administrator, or college faculty member from a California public or private school. All applicants must be committed to curriculum-based uses of technology. 
What Should Be Included in My Fellowship Proposal?
Your proposal must describe you and the educational environment in which you work and a proposed project in some detail but not to exceed five word-processed pages in length. Your proposal should contain: a title, objectives, a summary of a curriculum-based project, what it is intended to do, how it will be done, who will be involved and who will benefit, and how its results will be evaluated.


The project may address any subject or combination of subjects, any grade level or combination of grade levels, or an administrative application in which technology provides an appropriate and effective aspect to your work. A statement of your project's impact on the curriculum is critical.

The following criteria will be considered in evaluating your proposal:

  • Strong personal and professional leadership skills
  • Plan for enhancing personal skills
  • Creative strategies for curriculum-based uses of technology
  • Relevance of technology to student achievement
  • Plan for staff development and training in key strategies
  • Dissemination plan
  • Impact on diverse student populations
  • Impact on peers and community at large
  • Budget


How Do I Submit my Application?

The application must be received via the CUE website no later than the published deadline. 

  • Please attach a Resumé/Curriculum Vitae listing all related professional experience and education, a complete list of professional affiliations and memberships, and all professional certificates or licenses held.
  • Submit your completed packet to the CUE via the online submission form by midnight on the published deadline. The online form will provide potential candidates with the opportunity to upload nomination letters, photos and all other required materials. Please do not begin the process until you have all documents digitized and ready to be uploaded.


If you have questions regarding the nomination submission process, please contact the CUE Office at or 925.478.3460.

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What Will CUE Expect of the Successful Applicant?
The Fellowship Committee and the successful applicant will develop a suitable work plan for communication with CUE, Inc. about project progress. Recipient may expect to produce, but is not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • A fully developed curriculum-based project and assessment
  • Two OnCUE articles
  • Two CUE Conference presentations
  • Submission of articles to national technology journals
  • Application to speak at national technology conferences
  • Sharing of project and strategies with local colleagues

How Will My Proposal Be Evaluated?
As noted in the criteria section (under What Should Be Included in My Proposal?), the Fellowship Committee will evaluate your proposal in the following areas using a rubric (click to view) and, if one candidate qualifies, select one successful Fellow each year.

  • Personal and professional leadership skills:
  • Curriculum-based uses of technology in teaching and learning:
    • Strong support of state frameworks standards
    • Successful curriculum integration activities
    • Assessment of student achievement
      • Self assessment of your skills
      • Plan for enhancing your skills
      • Plan for sharing skills with others
    • Community involvement:
      • Impact on community outside your school or district
      • Partnership with other educational institutions
      • Partnerships with community businesses and service organizations
    • Implementation and dissemination:
      • Work plan for the next school year
      • Local and community involvement
      • Staff development and training plan
    • Budget plan:
      • Budget distribution for the next school year
      • Additional support from district; i.e., release time
      • Additional support from community


If Selected, What Will I Receive?

  • A $5,000 award (may be subject to federal withholding taxes)
  • Introduction at CUE Conferences and, in an appropriate manner, to the recipientís school district
  • Complimentary registration at the Annual CUE Conference
  • Reimbursement for travel to the CUE Conferences
  • Registration and travel expenses to the ISTE (formerly NECC) conference for the current year
  • Guidance for one year of a professional mentor


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To Contribute
Recommended donation levels:

  • $15,000 - Educator Emeritus
  • $10,000 - Tech Ambassador
  • $5,000 - Lecturer
  • $2,500 - Advocate
  • $500 - Supporter


Donations to support the LeRoy Finkel Fellowship can be sent to:
LeRoy Finkel Fellowship Fund
c/o CUE, Inc.
877 Ygnacio Valley Road, Suite 200
Walnut Creek CA 94596