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THE CONFERENCE AND STREAM HAVE ENDED. Check out CUE's Facebook page and shortly, our YouTube channel


View the schedule of sessions to be livestreamed (all times Pacific):

Wednesday, March 15
 6:30-7:30pm | Welcome Session - Taylor Mali
Thursday, March 16
8:30-9:30am | Kickoff Keynote + Jo Boaler
10:00-11:00am | Taylor Mali
12:30-1:30pm | Nicole Dalesio
2:00-3:00pm | Toni Robinson
3:30-4:30pm | Nicole Dalesio
12:30-1:30pm | John Stevens
Friday, March 17
8:00-9:30am | Friday General Session + George Couros
10:00-11:00am | JR Ginex-Orinion
12:30-1:30pm | John Stevens
2:00-3:00pm | Rushton Hurley
3:30-4:30pm | Naomi Harm
Saturday, March 18
9:00-10:00am | Leslie Fisher
10:30-11:30am | Brad Montague
12:00-1:15pm | Closing Session + Cathy Hunt