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Microsoft Teacher Leader Professional Development Series

Microsoft has developed a NEW collection of resources for educators.  These resources are focused on FREE tools from Microsoft - and tools that educators are likely to already have installed on their computers.*

CUE is now offering the Microsoft Teacher Leader Professional Development Series, four workshops designed to help educators use these new resources for teaching and learning. Each participant leaves with a certificate showing their accomplishment as a Microsoft Teacher Leader, and CUE helps facilitate documentation of credit hours. Workshop pricing starts at just $100 per participant for each three-hour face-to-face hands-on session:

Using Collaborative Tools in the Classroom

Collaboration is one of the essential skills identified in the 21st Century Learning initiative. Learning to collaborate in class, and online, using the best online tools to complete tasks and projects is a skill that all students must possess if they are going to be successful in K-12 education, higher education, and as working citizens. Using the successful Project Based Learning approach, participants will learn how to create a collaborative classroom with the help of Microsoft tools and the infusion of 21st Century Skills. Featuring Microsoft Word, Excel, Office Live Workspace, and OneNote.


Tools for Engaging All Learners in the Classroom

Engagement is the key to a successful learning experience! If students are engaged in the learning process, they will learn and achieve. By combining Project Based Learning, 21st Century Learning skills and some innovative free tools by Microsoft, the engaging classroom will quickly become a reality. Learn how to engage students and their creativity with easy to use tools and activities that capitalize on the 21st Century Learning Skills while meeting the curriculum goals and learning objectives. Featuring Microsoft Office, Microsoft Math, Worldwide Telescope, Bing Maps, Movie Maker, Photosynth, and Zune.


Effective Communication Tools for Teachers

Effective Communication is an essential skill in the workplace today and a major theme woven throughout the 21st Century Learning Skills. Using technology to collaborate and communicate ideas is a skill all students must be able to master in order to be successful. Learn how several familiar Microsoft tools can help streamline communication and make it easier to collaborate in the Project Based Classroom.  Featuring Microsoft Office, OneNote, Learning Essentials, Office Live Workspace, Windows Media Player, Zune for creating podcasts.


Classroom Organization Tools for Teachers

Organization is the key to efficiency! In todayís hectic world of teaching and learning, it is often difficult to stay organized and keep up with all of the latest trends in education and technology. When done correctly, the problem-based classroom is a full of learning experiences and provides students with the opportunity to discover and learn. Organization and efficiency is a must if students are to be successful in meeting curriculum standards and objectives. Learn how to use Microsoftís tools to enable your students and yourself to become more organized and evolve your classroom system into the 21st century combining Microsoft Office and Web 2.0 tools - in and out of the classroom. Featuring Microsoft Office, Office Live Workspace and Microsoft Learning Essentials.

Sample Tip - and FREE Software for Educators: Join the Microsoft Partners in Learning Network.  Then visit ìResourcesî (a menu at top of the site). Microsoft makes available two powerful products FREE for educators via the Network: AutoCollage photo-collaging software, and SongSmith, which matches your own vocals to music! Explore these resources (or request a workshop from CUE) to discover ways you can use these tools to engage and motivate your students. Here's a direct link to the resources: http://us.partnersinlearningnetwork.com/Resources/Pages/default.aspx

To request one or more of these workshops (or the entire series), please contact the Professional Learning Coordinator (below) or complete the CUE Request Form.

For more information, contact the CUEtoYOU Consultant:

Danny Silva
Professional Learning Coordinator
Computer-Using Educators (CUE)

*NOTE: These workshops are also available including all the equipment and software you'll need to use these resources. Contact CUE's Professional Learning Coordinator for a custom quote including an education-optimized tablet for each participant.