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CUE 2016 National Conference

CUE 2016 National Conference is March 17-19, 2016, Palm Springs, California

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Look Back at the CUE 2015 Experience


The CUE Conference is the largest and oldest education technology conference in California, and among the largest in the United States. For over 35 years, it has been the best value.
Who Should Attend? 
Educators, technology coordinators, TOSAs, administrators and those who are looking to see how technology can support student achievement. Many sessions and exhibits will be of special value to those involved in Title I, School Improvement Program, Data and Assessment, Future Ready, English Language Development (ELD), Special Needs, and GATE.
Thousands of teachers, administrators, students and parents, and other professionals will attend the three-day conference which includes: 
Concurrent Sessions
Concurrent sessions are one-hour, presentations that address all areas of the curriculum and appeal to a variety of teachers. Sessions may be given by a single speaker, team or panel who can address the needs of the novice user of educational technology as well as the more experienced professional. Full list of concurrent sessions will be available via CUE Guide in January 2016.
Poster Sessions
A Poster Session advertises research. CUE will simultaneously offer various two-hour poster sessions during each of the poster session timeslots throughout the conference. All poster stations will include access to power and Internet connectivity. They will also include a counter-height presentation table and an LCD screen. Full list of poster sessions will be available via CUE Guide in January2016.  
CUE Tips
These quick, 20-minute presentations focus on emerging and existing innovations to enhance learning, productivity, or understanding. They should be noncommercial, brief, and focus on one or two tips, techniques, or resources.  Full list of CUE Tips will be available via CUE Guide in January2016.
Corporate Sessions
CUE provides spaces for selected vendors to present sessions.  Full list of corporate sessions will be available via CUE Guide in January 2016.  
Featured Speakers
Keynote and Spotlight speakers are sought from both inside and outside California and bring a national perspective to CUE. Full list of featured speakers session will be available via CUE Guide in January2016.

Exhibit Hall 
Nearly 200 vendor displays featuring the latest in education technology resources. The Exhibit Hall is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Exhibits are open to all attendees and do not require an additional fee. Exhibit Hall Only passes available. Children under 16 are not allowed in the hall. Click here for information on exhibiting at the CUE 2016 Conference.

 Academies / Workshops

For an additional fee, you may attend one of our Academies / Workshops held throughout the three-day conference. Acadmenies hold 20-30 registrants. Academies / Workshops are a full day or three hours of hands-on training to compliment your regular conference registration. Sign up early! 

STEAMpunk Playground

Top STEAM teachers will lead on-going, hands-on sessions featuring tools like: robots and flying drones, Minecraft, 3d printing coding and programming as well as giving away "quick start" lesson plans that work at grade levels from Kindergarten through college. Stop by to see the future of teaching that you can join right now at the CUE STEAMpunk Playground. Learn by doing! Learn by building!Open Thursday & Friday during the National Conference. 

Student-Powered Showcase

Since 2001, students have participated at the CUE Conference, sharing their technology-integrated curriculum projects with conference attendees. Over the years, projects have explored how technology has made a difference for California students. The Showcase has been re-imagined for 2016 to reflect today’s focus on STEAM, the Maker Movement and Common Core. Along with these changes, comes a new title – CUE Student-Powered Showcase (SPS). Students will undertake activities that challenge their minds, and perhaps, their bodies.   Get interactive with students on Saturday, March 19, 2016, creating and learning together!


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Students over the age of 16 are welcome to register. Children not meeting the age requirement will not be allowed to attend or accompany parents or teachers into sessions or exhibits. 


Future CUE Conferences in Palm Springs:

March 16-18, 2017

March 15-17, 2018

For further information please contact CUE, Inc at (925) 478-3460 or cueinc (at) cue.org 
Did you go to CUE 2015?  Visit our CUE 2015 extend page to continue the 2015 Conference experience.


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