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SPECIAL Legislative Update: July 19, 2017

July 20, 2017

Legislative Update for CUE Members - July 19, 2017 | more leg updates

Prepared by John Cradler, CUE Legislative and Policy Consultant 


AJR 7 Update: On July 18th Assembly Joint Resolution (AJR 7 supported by CUE) passed the Senate Energy, Utilities, and Communications Committee, 8 to 1. AJR7 now goes to the Senate Floor to be voted on by the full Senate and then back to the Assembly for concurrence on the amendment we support which is to restrict Lifeline funds for their intended purpose. After that it goes to the Governor for review and then is sent to Congress and the President asking that Lifeline, E-Rate, and net neutrality be preserved as currently established.


MullinAssembly Member Kevin Mullin, author of AJR7, ended his presentation by stating that, “This resolution sends the message that the State of California values the principles of net neutrality, Lifeline, and E-Rate and opposes any efforts to resend these principles or to block them”. The photo shows Kevin Mullin with John Cradler presenting AJR7 to the Committee. Additionally, CUE was represented at the hearing by 7 members who all had an opportunity to testify in support of the resolution. These persons included: Barbara Nemko, Kim Hamilton, Micah Studer, Roger Wagner, Pam Hernandez, Ruthmary Cradler, and was coordinated by John Cradler, shown in the photo below.


Jerry HillMeeting with Senator Jerry Hill: Senator Hill is expected to join with Assemblyman Mullin and take the lead role on moving AJR7 through the Senate Floor. Also, during the hearing it was decided to consider moving forward on another resolution to support moving the Internet toward becoming an “utility” whereby Internet service is treated like telephone service. This means that Internet is treated as an basic service for which all persons are entitled as is the case with telephone. We all met with Senator Hill in his office after the hearing to discuss next steps with AJR7 as well as a variety of other topics related to technology and education.


AB 375 Update:
 the Internet services providers – customer privacy bill was presented at the same hearing. All six of us testified in support of AB 375 as CUE has a strong support for preserving student privacy. This on one of the major planks of the CUE Advocacy Platform. Even though there was much opposition from the telecommunication industry, the bill passed this committee 9 – 1. However, there will probably be many amendments as AB 375 passes through Senate Appropriations, the Senate Floor, and then the Assembly Committees.


GroupState Superintendent of Public Instruction (SPI) Candidate: Barbara Nemko, scheduled a meeting for all of us who were in Sacramento to testify on AJR7, to meet with a candidate for SPI, Assembly-member Tony Thurman. We had a very productive meeting for about an hour. We were able to find out his priorities for which include STEM, technology, student mental health, and the need for funding to be better targeted to specific high priority items. We each had opportunities to ask questions and share information about CUE as well as our own issues related ranging from the needs of a small rural district to major State education policy issues. The photo shows our group with Assembly-member Thurman in the center.