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CUE Rock Star Specialty Camps Debut MATH Edition

March 10, 2016

Walnut Creek, Calif., -- CUE is excited to announce its second specialty Rock Star Teacher camp -- this one devoted entirely to mathematics from 6th grade and up. Rediscover how awesome teaching math can be with session titles like Assessment for the Win, Math Talks and Problem Solving, Visual Patterns and Problem Solving, 360 Math Classrooms and much more! CUE’s first CUE Rock Star MATH Edition will take place at Los Gatos High School in Los Gatos, CA on May 14-15, 2016.

CUE Rock Star MATH Edition will bring an awareness to and explore the convergence happening between math instruction and technology. Great tools like Google Sheets, Desmos, Bootstrap World and many more available on the web are taking math “off the worksheet.” This two-day math event will work to change how instruction is delivered to create a classroom workflow that moves well beyond algorithms and worksheets.


Led by classroom leaders who are directly involved in changing math instruction in their own classrooms, attendees will be thrilled, entertained and inspired. The faculty for this event has world-class credentials: Fawn Nguyen, John Stevens, Matt Vaudrey, Ed Campos Jr and Michael Fenton are all Rock Star Math Instructors and will deliver rich sessions that are Common Core-Ready, digital, exciting and innovative.


To register for the CUE Rock Star MATH Camp or to see what other camps are offered, check out www.cue.org/rsmath and the CUE Rock Star Teacher site on www.cue.org for locations and dates.

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