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Seeking Districts for SETDA Curriculum Review

April 7, 2017

As a SETDA Affiliate, CUE often gets requests for participation in their efforts. Below is one such effort for you to consider:

Dear Curriculum and Instructional Materials Leaders,


SETDA (www.setda.org) is currently supporting the coordination of research interviews (by a third party) designed to give insight into how schools and districts are planning to adopt new science and social studies core curriculum given states’ more robust learning standards and conscious shift to digital resources. SETDA is in search of district or school leaders that may be interested in participating in a short phone interview (30 minutes) to provide their perspective on curriculum review for core content. If your school/district plans to review core curriculum in the next year, please take the time to influence curriculum development by completing this Google Form and participating in an interview. 




The purpose is to find out how states/districts are making approved core content and purchasing decisions, what decisions they are making, and why, for social studies and science core curricula, especially given the disruptions caused by more robust learning standards and increased use of technology tools and resources in schools. We hope to use this data to examine national trends.



If you are knowledgeable of the evaluation process and any resulting decisions (administrators preferred) AND science and/or social studies core curriculum should be in the review process this year (2017- 2018), or will be evaluating next year 2018 -2019 (or both), complete this Google form.



Please be assured that this contact information will only be used for the purpose of this research project and the information will not be shared.



Please add the name of the contact, email address, district name and size, along with telephone number to this Google form by March 30, 2017. Please contact Melissa Greene, Director of Strategic Partnership at 202-715-6636 ext. 703 or atmgreene@setda.org if you have any questions.



Thank you, 


Mike Lawrence