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CUE Rock Star Camps - More Information



CUE Rock Star Camps are a different experience - by design
CUE Rock Star Camp Mission Statement and Philosophy
CUE Rock Star Camps are about changing education through technology, building an ever expanding group of educators who want to lead and use technology in deep, meaningful ways that create truly transformational pedagogical experiences for the students they work with.  CUE Rock Star is built for educators to socialize in the context of connecting these inspired educators throughout California and beyond.



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Rock Star Teacher Camps

CUE Rock Star Teacher Camps - the Summer Version

The actual CUE Rock Star day is designed differently because the "regular" conference just isn't deep enough and an unconference can be daunting for some learners. CUE Rockstar Camps seek a balance between structure and social learning.









 Free attendance


 Most Camps $199


 One day


Two days Two to three days

 Fluid Structure - be design


1.5 hour - hands-on sessions 45-60 min presentations

Favors advanced educators


 For emerging leaders All levels of educators
 Sessions created that day

Live Shred Sessions Daily
to attract the right crowd


 Sessions shared in blurbs
 Presenters pay their own travel  Faculty recieves free registration,
lodging, and lunch daily
 Presenters get free


Who should attend?

Teachers with intermediate to advanced technical skills who are ready to...

  • take instruction to the next level through the latest and greatest technological tools, theories, and practical applications.
  • learn more about how tech integrates into the common core.
  • connect with other educators.

What's it about?
CUE Rock Star Teacher Camps include...

  • hands-on, "make it, take it" sessions.
  • 10:1 Participant to CUE Rock Star Faculty Ratio!
  • award-winning CUE Rock Star Faculty: Apple Distinguished Educators, Google Certified Teachers, Microsoft Innovative Educators, and more....
  • morning "Shred Sessions" with a LIVE DEMO from each presenter! 
  • lunch, beverages and an ice cream social each day.

What are attendees saying?

  • “Everything I've learned here is directly applicable to my students tomorrow! My classroom is going to look completely different!”
  • “The longer sessions gave much more time to work and create.”
  • “What passion these educators exude! Great job pumping up the attendees...they should all go back to their classes ready to rock!”


Shred Sessions:

Each day at a CUE Rock Star Camp starts with "Shred Sessions", where the Rock Star Faculty literally"sings for their supper" and tries to attract attendees to their sessions - attendees get entertained...and they don't have to pick sessions from a blurb, ever.

CUE Rock Star purposely limits attendees' comprehensible input to THREE 1.5 HR sessions per day. This prevents "info glut" that teachers experience in some professional learning settings and also allows attendees enough time to gain actual skills during their sessions. These new skills can be deployed on an immediate basis when they return to school.
Social time:
Daily social time is built in to the schedule, before class and during Hero Groups. Faculty and attendees carry on deep conversations and flesh out ideas that change teaching and learning. CUE Rock Star is about the powerful "what if" conversations that happen after sessions that carry on into the evening.
CUE Rock Star Teacher Camps will always be a low-cost camp, allowing teachers to pay their own way.
CUE Rock Star Camp session leaders and attendees should expect to add very rich and exciting personalities
to their personal learning network, whether via email, Twitter or any other web 2.0 collaboration tool.

"Do you feel alone at your school? Like your ideas and plans are too "far out" for folks
in your school? That's not a problem at CUE Rock Star, you'll be with your people."


Blog posts about CUE Rock Star Teacher Camps:
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Rock Star Admin Camps

School Administrators are being asked to lead momentous change into largely undiscovered territory:

1:1 Devices • Social Media •Change Leadership

Professional Learning • Paradigm Shifting

Where do these heroes get support?


  • CUE Rock Star Admin Camps are hands-on and led by practicing Admins
  • CUE Rock Star Admin Camps have a Faculty To Attendee Ratio of 1:20
  • Attendees will experience 7 hands-on leadership "episodes" over 2 days and receive digital materials they can use to lead change at their next staff meeting
  • CUE Rock Star Admins will work in like-minded leader groups to localize their experience


The Admin Hero's Journey

Hands-On Learning:
Both days consist of one and a half-hour "episodes" allowing attendees to "dig in deep" and really get to know their topic and gain resources to use to lead change immediately. These sessions are not "presentations", each one is a free-standing set of skills and tools that can be taken back to schools and districts and used immediately. Sessions will revolve around the following themes:

  • Lesson Design and Assessment Design
  • Reimagining Staff Meetings to be a true growth experience
  • Deploying Google Apps - a hands-on session in the Google Admin window
  • Smart Starting Your School Year and Learning Culture
  • Rock Star Presenting skills

Each of the seven episodes will come with a "visual guide" style PDF tutorial that attendees can use immediately to lead change in their own districts.

Small Presenter to Attendee Ratios:
CUE Rock Star Admin events are built so that there is one faculty member for every twenty attendees and the events sell out at 90 attendees. This allows participants to get hands-on support and learn directly from knowledgeable administrator/educators. The amazing Faculty is there to support YOU, the real rock stars. CUE Rock Star Admin Hero's Journey has an all-star cast of presenters, but the staff isn't who these events are about. The attendees are the real rock stars and contribute to the magic these camps produce. These two days focus on bringing out the best of all in attendance and launching a better-prepared group of administrators.


Time for Collaboration and Networking:
Both days will feature ample opportunities for working in Hero Teams, with like-minded educators and a CUE Rock Star Faculty Member that will facilitate during the two days. Each Hero Group of administrators will work together over the two days to hone and develop their skills and create an on-going support group. The entire Rock Star Hero Admin Faculty will provide on-going culture support as they will very likely become professional friends with their groups - that's the Rock Star way.


Value proposition:
CUE Rock Star Admin Camps are held in unique locations and are limited to 90 attendees, with 6 Rock Star Administrator Faculty members leading the sessions. The Rock Star Admin Camps are two full days of learning. Morning continental breakfast, as well as lunch (with ice cream) is included in the price. Each session will have a shared set of slides and a visual guide on PDF that can be used locally, under Creative Commons.  This total experience costs $475 for CUE members.


Rock Star Specialty Camps

CUE Rock Star Camps have been very successful because of their broad appeal. However, many teachers see themselves as specialists. They need a deeper dive in their subject area skills.
Enter CUE Rock Star Specialty Camps:

The CUE Rock Star Experience in a narrower focus, focused on specific Core areas (ELA, Math, NGSS, etc) with the Faculty all being Core subject practitioners who are ready to share classroom pedagogies that work.
Rock Star specialty Camps will share Best Lesson Plans, Hands-on Examples, ideas for Assessment and Grading and it's all done in the CUE Rock Star Style


Rock Star Black Label Camps


What is CUE Rock Star Black Label?

  • Ultra high-quality and affordable PD for districts
  • Only $140 Per Teacher Per Day - Less than the cost of subs
  • Train 100 teachers for $14,000
  • No travel costs or hassles
  • Host the camp at your site
  • Two of the host district's teachers will be trained to become CUE Rock Star Faculty
  • Based on the district's schedule
  • No subs needed for a midweek or weekend event
  • CUE Rock Star Black Label Daily Schedule Options




4 Rock Star





2 District
Rock Star




Possible Subject areas:

  • Apple/iPad/iOS
  • Google Apps for Education
  • Microsoft/Office365
  • STEAM/Maker/Robotics
  • CORE (English, Math, Science, History)
  • Almost anything