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Social Media Guidelines

When it comes to responsible social media behavior, CUE has a unique opportunity to educate.

Social media has become an increasingly integrated method of communicating in day-to-day social and business interactions. Social networks and other forms of online communications are unprecedented opportunities for professional learning, outreach, information-sharing and advocacy.

We also understand the ways in which we use social media can shape how the public views our community, our members, our mission, our reputation and each of us individually.

We are committed to ensuring that the use of social media supports our community, our members, and CUE, by maintaining our identity, integrity, and reputation, all the while reinforcing our individual right to share.

Social media policies are different than other policies and procedures in that typically policies document what staff or stakeholders should do in certain situations. Social media is organic; there is no way to know exactly what situations may arise. Each social media network is different and the social media environment changes daily. Bureaucratic policies are not likely to be successful. Instead, we would like to foster a positive social media culture of innovation, idea-sharing, constructive problem-solving and creativity that values transparency, consistency and connection.

With these values in mind, the goal of CUE’s social media guidelines is to support, protect, and empower high-quality engagement for all involved in CUE and CUE events.

Be Respectful. Be Responsible. Be a Champion.

Be Respectful. Respect the organization, its employees, members, attendees, volunteers, and those corporations which support CUE’s mission. Treat those you encounter online with fairness, honesty and respect, just as you would offline.

Be Responsible. All CUE staff, consultants and Affiliate, Learning Network and Committee volunteer leaders are personally responsible for their posts where their CUE affiliation is known. Use your best judgment and common sense by refraining from disseminating information that is inappropriate or harmful to CUE or its stakeholders. Online = On the record.

Be a Champion. Use your voice. You have a unique perspective on our organization based on your talents, skills and current responsibilities. Share your knowledge, your passion and your personality in your posts by writing about what you know. Listen, learn, then engage.

Additionally, CUE staff are constantly guided by CUE’s Code of Ethics as embodied in the Personnel Policies in our Employee Handbook. If you identify yourself as a CUE employee or volunteer leader on a social media account, you must include a prominent disclaimer to your personal description, “All opinions are my own,” to distinguish that the views expressed are yours alone. When in doubt, ask CUE staff before posting CUE-related content.

CUE is committed to fostering social media interactions that focus on connection, engagement, maintaining a culture of inclusiveness, innovation and sharing that help advance our mission of inspiring innovative learners by fostering community, personalizing learning, infusing technology, developing leadership and advocating educational opportunities for all.


These guidelines are an extension of CUE's Code of Conduct. Please contact conduct@cue.org if any questions, concerns or issues arise.